Lightroom Mobile Premium

Adobe Lightroom CC Premium MOD

Aplikasi Lightroom CC Premium Mod terbaru 2019. Semua fiturbtelah terbuka, tidak perlu membayar biaya langganan (subscriber).
Update game PUBG Mobile

Berita terbaru dan terupdate PUBG Mobile

Android 10 Custom ROM

Android 10 resmi dirilis Google.
Beberapa developer sudah mempublish Custom ROM berdasarkan Android 10.

Magisk Systemles Interface

Sebuah cara baru untuk melakukan root ponsel android tanpa harus kehilangan fitur perbankan.

Mediafire Cloud Storage

MediaFire is one of a cluster of consumer file hosting services that could be considered the pioneers of cloud storage. Their users were uploading, storing, and sharing files online two years before Dropbox came around.

warning But now that file sharing has been delivered to the masses in the form of “the cloud,” these services are adapting to the new feature model of cloud storage. MediaFire chose to center the service around multimedia by focusing on streaming, which sets it apart when the rest of the industry focuses on productivity.

Pro and Cons

Easy user interface
Robust sharing features
Keeps multiple file versions and deleted files
Document viewer in web and app UIs
Stream music and videos in Web and apps
Optional selective sync
“Followed” folders sync in desktop
Screenshot tool built into desktop software
Fast uploads and downloads
Public file drop available as paid feature
Advanced download statistics and reporting in Business plan
Customized branding and logos available in Business plan
Up to 50 GB available for free (10 GB standard)
Great pricing on paid plans
Ads and captchas in free version
20 GB file upload limitation in web browsers
Photo viewer needs work
Free accounts must login once / year to keep account and files
No bandwidth controls
Cannot choose sync folder location
Android app offers limited features
MediaFire does not disclose any server security information
No apps for Linux or Windows stores
Free users get weaker support options

Bottom Line

warning MediaFire is a great option if you’re looking to store, stream, and share photos, music, and videos. Its business plan makes it an intriguing collaboration and sharing tool, especially for creative professionals, but there are better services if you mainly work with documents. Regardless, the company’s lack of security transparency means you shouldn’t store sensitive data.


A recent blog post from the company indicates that they are using SSL encryption for transfers, but beyond that, the company does not appear to disclose any information regarding the digital security of their servers. I have asked the company to clarify, and should I get a response, I will update this review. On the bright side, their privacy policy promises not to sell any of your information or data to advertisers or third parties. That said, if you’re worried about government surveillance, know that MediaFire will provide data to the government in the event of a legal warrant or high-level request.

Pricing and Storage

MediaFire gives you 10 GB of storage for free. Should you want more storage, you can get up to 50 GB by installing apps, connecting social networks, sharing posts, and referring friends. You also have to login to the website once a year to keep a free account, but they will send two e-mails to remind you before they cancel it. But should you want to spend money, you’ll get some good rates and some added features. The benefits of the Pro plan are clear, but the business plan is very interesting. Not only do you get detailed download stats and 1 TB for each of your 100 users, but you also get to customize your branding for your download pages, which is surprisingly rare in the cloud storage world.
file_download Download Link file_download


Free users get short shrift when it comes to support. Pro and Business users get priority support.

They have a single support center located just north of Houston, Texas, but support is only available through an automated ticket system (e-mail) or through their Knowledgebase forums.
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