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KnoAcc Blog is a blog dedicated to everything (recently) related to Android. We hope you enjoy our writing and subscribe to updates.

Our staff is constantly scouring the Internet for the latest Android news, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, reviewing devices, apps, and games, and keeping track of custom ROMs and hacks.

Our Team

Phate Holloway, Founder and wearer of all hats
Reed Nash, Blogger CMS geek and SEO Advisor
Zena Alfaza, Tech News and Gadget Reviewer
Zufar Zan, Web Hosting advisor

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The site was founded in December 2009 by Phate Holloway based on Blogger CMS wich is under blogspot sub-domain for fun. Back then, nothing important issues happened until 2012. But in 2012, this blogspot domain was crafted into CTlD idlohulhaq.com for two years and start to rolling out. But in 2014 - 2015 the founder decided to dropped of this domain and used blogspot subdomain.

At 2016, we decide to use www.knoacc.org to familiarize the blogs name.

KnoAcc.org is a property of KnoAcc Organization.

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If you have an interesting and relevant product, be it a new Android gadget or an application, we would love to review it. Ping us using the Contact page.

Note: we honor embargoes.

KnoAcc Blog Product Review Ethics Statement
We take the objective assessment of the products we receive for review extremely seriously. However, common practice in the technology product industry means that a minority of the products we review are sent as "samples." This industry term means that sometimes a product is sent to us with no expectation that it be returned to the person or company requesting a review. This does not mean the review is "sponsored," "paid," or otherwise compensated - it just means we don't need to send the product back. Rarely, if ever, are we explicitly told prior to reviewing a product that we do not need to return it. In general, we operate under the assumption that any product we review is something we would be required to send back. Personal objectivity is our highest goal as part of any product review, and we promise to always "call it like we see it."

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