How To Downgrade Oppo A37 or A37F or A37FW

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Recently, I was asked by Oppo A37F owner how to root his phone. So i said to him to root it with the kingroot app. But he said, it can't be done even with the latest version. So I checked it out myself because i was rooting same devices previously and it worker flawlessly. You can guess the results, it was also fail. I wonder why, so i check the firmware version and found it was updated to newest version. So I guess it vulnerability has patched by the manufacturer.

Okay, the question is how can i root this Oppo A37F with the latest firmware installed on it? Like usual, it must be able to be rooted if I downgrade to previous version which is still have the vuln. So i decided to downgrade to ROM version A37fEX_11_A.07_160614 is still can be rooted with ease. This is rootable firmware which I can recall.

So, if you also want to root your Oppo A37F, you need to downgrade the firmware first. I can tell you how. Here is the step by step i have done to downgrade Oppo A37F firmware:

1. First, download and install QCOM Driver and install in PC. You can found QCOM Driver here.

2. Download Oppo A37F stock ROM from download section along with QCOM Driver above. Choose as your phone type and don't mix it with the other. The file size is approximately 1.28 GB.
Firmware A37F - mirror1 - mirror2

3) Extract the stock ROM zip and find "msmx84.exe" something like those in the extracted folder.

4) Then just left click in start logo. You will see the menu, just open the device manager (not disk manager).

5) Now "power off" your phone and connect it to PC through usb cable, after your phone completely power off just hold vol+ and vol- button

6) Press the both button until your device manager application in windows won't blink

7) Now you will see a new "posts" menu is added in middled of list in deviece manager

8) Now just open that exe file in the stock rom folder i told in step 3

9) After opening the "msm88".exe" find in the list if there is written "com" exept of device not connected

10) If you find com then just tick right "reset after download" box and press "start" button

11) After downloading your device will reboot automatically

Now you can further rooting A37F with Kingroot App and do wathever you want to do with your phone. Enjoy it.

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