Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 Enhanced Jelly Bean Stock Rom 4.2.2

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Some Features:
Kernel Dhollmen Espresso created for this Rom.
Typically operates at 1216MHz CPU and 374MHz GPU.
Very low voltage.
Lower latency.
Low battery consumption.
Optimized disk access.
Fast boot.
Preinstalled Swap memory by Zram.
Add a partition of about 500 MB, usually hidden, as "intSdCard".
This partition is not normally usable by applications, so rather could be used to store user data.
Its content is formatted and lost only when, via Kies or Odin, an Official Stock Rom is installed.
Removed several apps I think useless.
Removed boot animation and boot/shutdown Samsung's sounds.
Support ExFAT, NTFS, NFS, HFS +, HFSX and F2FS.
Support USB / GSM modem.
Support Multi-User.
Pre-installed root and superuser.

About Rom:
This is my own and unique interpretation of Rom, for better and for worse.
If you wish to install you must realize that, in short, this is a Stock Rom and will not request additional services.

It can be installed directly having a Stock JB (any version) or a JB / KK AOSP Rom.
Only prerequisite is a modern recovery installed (I recommend TWRP)
For those who have an Stock Rom without root, it is best to become it first.

It seems that to encrypt device you must, first, install original Stock Recovery and do a wipe from him.

This Rom is downloaded in a single Zip file to install through recovery.
All apps from Google or another source will subsequently discharged, according to the tastes and needs of each user.
You cannot install a Google apps package (Gapps) whatever their origin.

After installing the first time, there will be no configuration data or user apps previously downloaded.
As long instructions are followed, none contents of the microSD is lost.
Default TWRP wipe-factory-reset options do not delete internal storage.
If you, before installing, backup apps and/or settings and you have trouble or malfunction after restore, should not report it in the thread or private message.

Download the Rom Zip file and copy into tablet.

Download Rom:
Release 1 - 20140615
MD5 : a31112636a3caf350b4af7e6266b4e97

Update 1 - 2014.06.19
Update 2 - 2014.06.21
Update 3 - 2014.07.02 (please, reboot after boot)

Stock Recovery

Enter to recovery.
Performing a wipe-factory-reset (TRWP recovery starts dragging the slider)
Install the Zip file.
Reboot and configure.

When possible, the installation file will be static and updates will be small zip files.
Each of them will raise the Rom version's number. So, who have installed will not have to download and install again to update.
Updates are not cumulative, each containing their own improvements.

To install these updates, simply you will:
Download the update file to your tablet.
Enter recovery.
Install the update without any kind of wipe.

Regardless of the ROM itself, a number of additions are available in post #4
Will be installed the same way as any update.
Will can be uninstalled in same way, using corresponding remove Zip file.

Jon Moekidi
Jon Moekidi
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