Download LineageOS 14.1 for Lenovo A7000

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About LineageOS:
(On this thread, called "LOS" to save typing efforts)
It is fundamentally the same good old Cyanogenmod, masked with a different name.
I guess you guys know what Cyanogenmod is like.

(Sims take some time to get signal)
(Jio users : To get signal, go to sim settings, select 4G, and choose APN "jionet")
(Note : Jio users need to repeat this step after every reboot)

2) Sound
3) Bluetooth+ BT Headset music
3) Pretty much everything major is stable.(Require confirmation from testers)
4) LOS buttons menu works + All other LOS features

Not working :
1) Camera focus.
2) YouTube zoom (workaround available)
(When vid zooms, lock and unlock your device.)
3) Media glitch (sometimes media will fail to play)
4) GPS signal jump.(location scan lags)

(Testers, this section needs your confirmation)

1) Boot to (custom ) recovery.
2) Wipe Dalvik(ART), cache, system, data partitions.
3) Install LineageOS ROM. (There is a progress bar!!!)
(Note : Ignore the typos and some "Error : Unknown command")
(The "Unknown command" error is harmless)
(You might get "Mount failed at /system"... It's OK)

4) Flash gapps (optional)
5) Flash (for updating some files)
6) After patch is flashed, it will auto-reboot.
7) Be patient. Wait for at least 10 minutes.

1) LineageOS features!!! Yay!!!
2) Android Nougat features!!!
3) Substratum legacy support!!!
4) First boot takes some time. Next boots take about 20~30 seconds
5) No pro/bloat apps included!!!
6) No gapps included. Flash separately.
7) ROM is NOT pre-rooted!!! Flash supersu zip.
(Love you and your work @Chainfire bro!!! )

Screenshots uploaded to imgur album.
Here's a link to the Screenshot album.
Links to stuff :
Builds :
Beta 1 :
Via Google Drive

Patch_1 :

Via Google Drive
@aryan kedare thx for patch.
XDA:DevDB Information
LineageOS 14.1, ROM for the Lenovo A7000

tanish2k09, SuperR. , HDHR, aswinp222, aryan kedare, daniel_hk, sandeep sethi
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: Custom Recovery, LineageOS ROM, brains...
Based On: LineageOS

Source: link
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Jon Moekidi
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