Lightroom Mobile Premium

Adobe Lightroom CC Premium MOD

Aplikasi Lightroom CC Premium Mod terbaru 2019. Semua fiturbtelah terbuka, tidak perlu membayar biaya langganan (subscriber).
Update game PUBG Mobile

Berita terbaru dan terupdate PUBG Mobile

Android 10 Custom ROM

Android 10 resmi dirilis Google.
Beberapa developer sudah mempublish Custom ROM berdasarkan Android 10.

Magisk Systemles Interface

Sebuah cara baru untuk melakukan root ponsel android tanpa harus kehilangan fitur perbankan.

Download Redmi 1S Fastboot & Recovery MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0

Good News Has Once Again Arrived!!!

MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0.KHCMIDI for Redmi 1S Released!

MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0 New Features

The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency(09-13)
Three-fingered swipe for screenshots (08-09)

MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0 Changelog

Redmi 1S Fastboot & Recovery MIUI 8
Set your Lock screen wallpaper as the conversationbackground (09-13)

Optimization - Opening contacts in Messaging (08-19)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Saved networks aren't shown in the networklist (08-05)
Optimization - LED notification light turned off bydefault in permissions (08-05)
Optimization - Improved layout for text descriptions ofWallpaper Carousel (08-09)
Optimization - Tap the date in the status bar to openCalendar (09-07)
Optimization - Swipe down for toggles, rearrange toggles(09-20)
Fix - Holding a notification didn't give any results(08-19)
Fix - Notification shade issues in Second space (08-31)
Fix - Status bar wasn't working properly with third partythemes in some cases (09-01)
Fix - Issues with volume level notification in Secondspace when using earphones (09-05)
Fix - Weather widget issues (09-20)

Home screen
Optimization - Changing wallpaper in editing mode (08-19)
Optimization - Hold the empty spot on the Home screen toenter the editing mode (09-06)
Optimization - Exit recents automatically to take a call(09-13)
Fix - Issues with icons after reflashing the device(08-08)
Fix - FC issues in hidden notes (08-15)
Fix - Device didn't respond after updating and rebooting(09-06)
Fix - FC issues when switching between themes (09-06)
Fix - Messaging app icon wasn't marked when messages werereceived in Second space (09-20)
Fix - Time flashed in status bar when pressing Homebutton (09-27)
Fix - Time wasn't shown in status bar in some cases(09-27)

New - Three-fingered swipe for screenshots (08-09)
New - Slide down to exit full screen preview (08-30)
New - Turn off screenshot sound in screenshot settings(08-31)
New - The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency (09-13)

New - Introducing Privacy protection password (10-12)

Permissions Manager
New - Added permissions for Lock screen and backgroundnotifications (08-19)

New - Delete synced recordings from the device keepingthem in the cloud (09-13)

Clock / Calculator
New - C button clears current calculation, AC clears allhistory (08-17)
New - Automatic font size adjustments for the numbers youenter (08-17)
New - Long press the numbers to convert them to theChinese financial characters (08-17)
Optimization - Colored backgrounds for Alarm (08-23)

Quick Ball
New - Swipe to the edge of the screen to hide Quick ball(09-08)
Fastboot & Recovery MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0
Recovery ROM MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0
MD5 : 72538d22044a3c9dcbe97b301ef1fc5a

Recovery 741 M

Fastboot ROM MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM V8.1.2.0
MD5 : 73fab9fa121327e1c746b8ccb88c3964

Fastboot 934 M

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