Phantom Kernel R7 [NEW] Lenovo A6000/SE/Plus

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Confirmed working on MIUI 7 Russian build but don't use on KitKat based working, I mean that, every feature specified in the feature changelog is there. Working good. Battery is good and no lags or any wifi issues, whatsoever.

Phantom kernel r7
Most of all, I don't know what happened but my internet has become noticably fast. I always thought it was problem with MIUI rom, but was not sure and blamed it on my network instead. But, after using this, the ping and data speed are very good and responsive.
Download Phantom r-7 Harsh!t Jain For Lollipop With Faux Sound cm12.x 32 Based Mokee and all


Download mm/lp Phantom r-7 Harsh!t Jain lp/mm without faux Sound cm13.x & cm12.x 32 based and all


Changelog Phantom Kernel R7 A6000 Lollipop & Marshmallow
-------- Major Update --------
0:- My Very Own Descision Making Module that fixed the Race Between Cores
1:- Optimized Ghraphite Loop and -O3 -Ofast Major Optimizations
2:- Removed All Dirct Dependencies From Hz
3:- Removed Hotplug Control From Battery_current_limit(Intentionally Done by google to Duck Up perfermance)
4:- Removed All Bad Code From code Aurora And Google
5:- Removed All Dependencies From Powersuspend
6:- Added State Notifier and State Helper Driver Rebased Kernel Over it First Kernel For Lenovo a6000/plus Based On State Helper Thanx To pranav (I ported but :3)
7:- New Thermals (Intelli Thermals Currently Beta you may see frequncies going Up and Down While Chahging Cuase its port From hammerhead)
8:- Latest Adreno Idler And Now Based On State Helper
9:- Boosted Chanrge Speed by (69%) Compared to Phantom 4.0 <-r1 10:-Latest Caf Tag For Wingtech Plus New Stream Changes From 11:-Major Tweaks To fiops io Schedular 12:- Added SioPlus <- I/O Schedular 13:- Now Fiops,SIOPLUS,Zen Wont overload cpu and eMMc 14:- Default to NOATIME and NODIRATIME for FS performance improvement. 15:- Fast ShutDown 16:- Optimized Zram 17:- Latest Cpu Litration For Cpu-Boost and New Call Alogrithm 18:- Latest Wifi Driver from Code aurora 19:- Improved Display Driver For Bit of Heat Reduction Confilicting to Thermal 20:- Fixed Bootloop and qpnp Vibrator and Free MemCheck Claim For Fs 20.5:- 2 Releases For Lp and MM

Minimum Requirements To Install Phantom Kernel
Recommended Custom Recovery TWRP and a Rooted Device

Installation Procedure
*Boot Into Recovery Mode
*Dirty flash the rom you are
using (if needed gapps too)
*Flash provided Kernel Zip
*Wipe Cache and Dalvik
*Reboot To System

dev_harsh1998, tarun93
Source Code
Kernel Special Features
OC - 1.8GHZ And GPU OC 720mhz

Found this thread on xda-dev, developed by Harshit Jain only for Lenovo A6000 devices.
Jon Moekidi
Jon Moekidi
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  1. Thanks a lot, works great on Mokee and without any glitches. For me, I've set Bioshock governor with Tripndroid scheduler Read ahead 128 (internal) and 1024 (external).. is there any better seting

    1. I prefer use 512 read ahead for both external and internal. But, i don't even bother to set it up tought :D its up to your need.

  2. Whats mean dirty flash? How to do that?

  3. dirty flash means
    before installing kernel just wipe cache and dalvig cache in twrp
    and then install and reboot... voila that's it

  4. I have got WiFi bug after I installed phantom I'm currently in resurrection 6.0.1 my device is lenovo a6000 plzz help meee


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