How To Root ASUS H012 Fonepad 7 FE170CG Kitkat [PC]

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The Asus Fonepad 7 FE170CG is driven by a 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z2520 dual-core CPU and PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU coupled with 1 GB of memory. The internal storage has 4 GB capacity but supports micro SD expansion up to 64 GB. The FE170CG supports dual sim (dual standby), GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and HSPA+ connectivity. The powerhouse is a large 3,950 mAh battery, enough juice to propel the device for hours of usage on 3G. The major drawback of the FE170CG is the low-resolution 7.0-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) LCD screen, the 2.0 MP rear shooter and the 0.3 MP front facing camera but with a price tag like that, I’m sure you can live with it

ASUS Android Version 4.4.2 is very hard to root, lucky for others who were able to root using rootzenfone but I was able to root using the method of Eko Sunaryo on youtube and Alden Roi who gave her tutorial on Android Meister. I combined these 2 procedures in rooting this device. This procedure is very long and intended for beginners and I made it step by step procedure.

I Firmware Checking And Downloading

Firmware download can be found here: ASUS download page or from mediafire mirror here

1. Check your firmware code from settings\software information\Build number. Check the code if WW, TW, JP, TR or CN. Mine is WW so I download the (2014/09/15) update which is "" and not the latest (2015/02/17) update which is "Version WW_V11.2.3.31". The firmware you download must be the same code in your fonepad.
2. Make a new folder ASUS FEROOT in C Drive in your PC. Copy the firmware you downloaded to this folder. Extract It and you will get ""
3. Extract the After extracting, rename the file to
4. Copy the files fastboot.img, boot.img and splashscreen.img to folder ASUS FEROOT. The purpose of these files is to change the bootloader

II FE170CG Root.Zip Downloading And Installing Drivers

1. Download the form Download Section
2. Copy the file to folder ASUS FEROOT & extract it.
3. Open folder adb & copy all its contents except boot.img (Important) to folder ASUS FEROOT.
4. Double click adb_setup_1.3.exe and install in your PC.

5. Open folder intelandroiddrvsetup1.1.5 & install IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.1.5.exe

6. Copy RootGenius.exe, Superuser.apk and Superuser Folder to ASUS FEROOT Folder.

Important: Folder ASUS FEROOT in your PC must contain the following files in order to perform adb and fastboot commands:
1. adb.exe
2. AdbWin Api.dll
3. AdbWinUsbApi.dll
4. boot.img
5. fastboot.exe
6. fastboot.img
7. splashscreen.img
8. RootGenius.exe
9. Superuser Folder

III Setting Up The Fonepad

1. Go to Settings - Developer options of your fonepad and tick USB debugging
2. Go to Settings - Security, Tick Unknown Sources
3. Settings - Wifi - Forget Network, Bluetooth Off
4. Settings - More - Mobile Network - Data Enabled Off ( No Check)
5. Quick Settings Airplane Mod On, GPS Off, Autosync Off

IV Downgrading Fonepad's Firmware Or Software Using ADB And Fasboot Commands

1. Connect your Fonepad to PC using USB cable
2. Right click Computer, Click Manage, Double Click Device Manager
3. Click triangle of Android Device and if you see ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface then you are ready to root your device
4. Copy the file to MicroSD of your Fonepad & not to Internal Memory (Very Important!)
5. Click the circle (start) window logo located at the down-left of your screen and type cmd and enter. You will be in Windows Command Prompt
6. Change Directory by typing cd C:\ASUS FEROOT and enter
7. Type adb devices and enter and tick your fonepad to accept commands from PC. You will see your adb device number.
8. Type adb reboot-bootloader and press enter. You will see your bootloader in your fonepad. Method is better than using the Press Power & Volume Up Method.
9. Type fastboot devices and enter to check for fastboot device number
10. Type fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img and enter
11. Type fastboot flash boot boot.img and enter
12. Type fastboot flash splashscreen splashscreen.img and enter
13. Type fastboot erase cache and enter
14. Type fastboot reboot-bootloader and enter. (You will see a different bootloader compared to bootloader of 4.4.2)
15. Fonepad still connected to PC. Using volume keys go to SD Update & press power button. Your fonepad will install the firmware you downloaded. Wait for it to finish. Will boot itself automatically. Now you have a new firmware
16. Fill up the ASUS Log In. Don't unplug the USB Cable.
17. Repeat Procedure III From 1-5 - Very Important!

V Rooting The Fonepad 7

1. With the USB still connected again I repeat to make sure USB Debugging On and strictly follow the steps of III (1-5).
2. Go to PC, ASUS FEROOT Folder & right click RootGenius.exe as Administrator
3. Right click Superuser Folder from ASUS FEROOT and click copy
4. Pres Ctrl-Alt-Del and click Taskbar
5. Look for shuame and right click and click location
6. Delete Superuser Folder from shuame and right click and paste Superuser Folder
7. Click Root from Root Genius and wait for it to finish. Lucky if you can do it once only.
8. If not successful on first attempt, don't unplug the cable, repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
9. Do this until root successful
10. If successful, check folder of Fonepad if Superuser is present and click it.
11. If not present, copy Superuser.apk to MicroSD and install
12. Download RootChecker from Playstore to check if rooted

VI Removing The Live Demo Problem Which Is Irritating

1. Install RootExplorer from Playstore or from any download site.
2. Open RootExplorer and click to grant access permanently from Superuser
3. Go to system\app. Click RW to change to RO
4. Look for all ASUS Live Demo.apk and rename all the 4 files by changing apk to old and adding old to other files. Don't delete, maybe you need the files someday.
5. Reboot your fonepad and Unplug the USB Cable

Congratulations you have rooted your device and no more Live Demo Problem. Just Share this post if i helped you. Although this procedure is long but it is the safest way.

Download Section | mirror1

mirror2 | mirror3

Confirmed via: XDA forum
Credit: "How to Root ASUS FONEPAD 7 FE170CG Using PC" by Alden Roi, AndroidMeister, "Flash Firmware ASUS Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012)" by Eko Sunaryo, YouTube
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14 komentar

  1. my frimware code is WW but the latest (2015/02/17) update which is "Version WW_V11.2.3.31".
    where i can download it !! and thx for help ;)

    1. You can download ASUS Fonepad 7 (FE170CG) Software Image Version: WW_V11.2.3.33 For WW SKU directly from Asus server here

  2. i have a problem after 81% my root says is failed ..evreything was made like u writting but i don't understand the reason of stuck??issue ...start again all?

  3. i only find reboot droidboot reboot wipe data recovery power off but not sd update

    1. sd update should be inside the recovery menu (select it brother, you'll see it)

  4. i can't get to droidboot even after i had press the volume + and power button at the same time, i only have a usb icon displyed, how can i get back the droidboot menu, helps required, thanks in advanced.

    1. Try this step (not for rooting, just to help you to recover your tablet) :
      1. extract the downloaded firmware (no matter wich version you used) find in the extracted folder and copy fastboot.img and boot.img to adb and fastboot tool folder:
      2. then type the following 2 lines:
      fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
      Your phone must in fastboot mode.
      3. after fastboot and boot are sucessfully flashed, just type this command
      fastboot reboot-bootloader
      in this state, you can chose to install the firmware trough adb sideload to unbrick your tablet.

      note: if it's not working then try with fastboot.img and boot.img from 1 step lower firmware version of the firmware you want to use.

      Hope it works for you.

  5. Rename file flash to "" NOT " "

  6. Section 4, 15th step not working. still old boot loader... cant find "SD Update" menu.... please help... thankq...

  7. i tried the same with recovery instead of sd update... but while installation starts with 1 % itself it shows "error"... why is that so... how will i fix it... pls help... thankqq....

    1. Actually, i forgot (not completely forgot) how i did to get done this before. Because i don't have this device anymore. But i'll searching another option to help you out. and did you try to ask Alden Roi? or may be lefting a comment at Eko Sunaryo's youtube channel?

      Really, i want to help you out, but that what was i can do.

  8. its okay bro... thank you for your efforts.... il contact either of them for more info... hw can i contact alden roy?

    1. You can contact him via about me menu on his blog. and fill the contact form.


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