Download Stock ROM Evercoss A26C [Firmware Perawan Ting-ting]

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Firmware Original Evercoss A26C [via SP Flashtool]
Untuk pembaca: Posting dipindahkan di artikel baru: Firmware Original Evercoss A26C [via SP Flashtool], karena sepertinya mbah google sedang lelah dan mengira posting di halaman ini menjurus ke por****afi gara-gara judul :). Thanks ya sudah berkunjung.

Note For Google Adsesnse Team:

Apologize if write this message in this page.
I've been recieved some notification that mentioning Copyright violation and (again) distracting ads (your ads) in this page recently. I can't see how i can reply your message (there is email address), so i write it here.

1. Copyright violation: I'm pretty sure i'm writing this tutorial and article on my own, the material is my very own wich dumped from my own handheld. This article is not to abusing anyone, this tutorial made to help who have problem with their handheld (bricked phone) to repair by himself/herself because the official support are very poor. The tool used in this page are commonly used by others freely and can downloaded from the web FREELY as mentioned by the tool owner.
2. Ads Behavior. I already fixed it in past month (March 27th, 2015) as what i thought the possibility to violate you policy (how i displaying the ads). Then if i get this notification again, it's very confusing, how it can get fixed? I'm truly sorry for this. So to make it wil not happen again, i removed all ads wich displayed in this page before except blogger adsense embedded code.
3. I am making any change wich it could be another reason this page was received notification (ie: moving the content and changing title to another post). If that not satisfied, mail me shortly.

Thank's to the Google Adsense team for considering my thought.
April 24th, 2015

Your partner.
Jon Moekidi
Jon Moekidi
Bukan pendiam, lebih suka diam dan mendengarkan.

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  1. om udah ok n hijau, kok cuma berhenti sampai logo evercoss ya??


    2. Encription Unsucsessfull maupun stuck di logo bisa diatasai dengan masuk recovery mode kemudian lakukan wipe data dan wipe cache


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