Styling Your Twitter account with Awesome own made picture

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Twitter is awesome social networking platform. With many people with any range of age and profession, it make Twitter counted as top Social Networking in the world. Now, Twitter is become more than existement, you can figure it as a beatifull profile on the web. Use it as VCARD!

But, if you left it as ordinary page, it can be so embarasing kind right? How about the idea to styling your twitter profile? Is that intersting you? yeah.. you could make it by change your profile Header.

To customize your header photo do this:
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to your Settings and click on the Profile tab.
  • Click on Change Header to upload a new header photo or remove your existing header photo (file must be smaller than 5MB).
  • Select the image you would like to upload.
  • Click Save.
  • You'll see a notification that your image has successfully been published to your profile

For trial, use this image (you can delete after you view the result):

Click this to download.

Afther you upload your Header Picture, your profile will be look like this:

View with larger image here

And bear in mind, you should prepare your own stylish picture. Can you make it? umm.. well, you can do that by serching an image on the web. But it will be awesome one if you make it by yours. To do that you should have an image editing tools like photoshop or another one (use gimp if u're linux user).

But i have no idea for my Header Picture.. no matter, i have a photoshop template with precicion size for twitter header picture you can download it. then change as wahat you wish!

How to use this template is so simple, i believe you can do this. And after that, you shold save as image with PNG or JPG extension, then do as Customizing twitter header photo at tehe top.
Jon Moekidi
Jon Moekidi
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