Download Windows XP Black Edition SP3 RTM 2011

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This version of Windows XP is designed for your convenience. It requires less memory from your system and it doesn t need a serial number as this is the

unattended version
It includes the following programs:
* Acrobat 8.0
* WindowBlind 5.04 Enhanced plus many new themes
* TuneUp Utilities 2007 English
* Microsoft Java VM Build 3809
* Sun Java 2 Version5.0.6 W/SP2
* IE 7 Final Activated
* Firefox 2
* Thunderbird
* Klite Codec Pack 2.80
* Window Media Player 11
* ZoneAlarm 6.5.737.2006 Pro
* Blindwrite By eXperience
* Nero 7.59 Lite
* PowerIso
* Ultra Iso
* Fraunhofer IIs MP3 Code
* Quicktime Alternative
* Acrobat Reader
* WinRAR
* Windows Vista RTM sidebar plus extra gadgets

History of updates and fixes;
  • Added Segoe Print and Segoe ****** Fonts (Fixes Notes Gadget)
  • Added more cool Gadgets (Black Jack, Tetris, Bricks, Pong, Command Launcher
  • Internet Search)
  • Fixed Version Number in Add-Remove Programs (from 5477 to 5744)
  • Minor RegDLL Changes
  • Now uses ProfileItems for QuickLaunch Shortcut
  • Improved Installation process (No more RunOnceEx Box)
  • Fixed VAIO Shell Extension not registering
  • Added Vista Calculator and Drive Info Gadgets
  • Changed skin to Glass
  • Quick Launch shortcut moved to UserProfile
  • Systray Icon issue FIXED! (Had to go from RTM 6.0.6000 down to RC2 6.0.5744, I
  • will go back to RTM when the new VAIO Build is released)
  • Added Calibri fonts (Fixes CPU Meeter)
  • Changed the Sidebar Skin to a much nicer one as you can see in the screenshot
  • (Fade Skin)
  • Changed Shortcut placement from All Programs to All Programs -> Accesories

Jon Moekidi
Jon Moekidi
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